Gear List

  • 1 Pair Per Day – Moto Socks
  • 1 Pair – Under Knee Guard Leggings or Spandex Type Pants/Shorts
  • 1 Pair – Knee Guard Protection
  • 1 Pair – Moto Boots
  • 1 Pair for each 1 or 2 days – Moto Pants (IE will provide 1 Pair as part of package)
  • 1 For each 1 or 2 days – Moto Jersey (IE will provide 1 Jersey as part of package)
  • 1 – Moto Helmet
  • 1 – Head Band (IE will provide 1 as part of the package – Great for keeping vision clear)
  • 1 Set – Vented Goggles (Typically clear lenses are best for forest, extra tinted set is a good idea for Summer Months)
  • 1 Pair for each 1 or 2 days – Moto Gloves (Good to have an extra pair for pack)
  • 1 Pair – Insulated Gloves during early or late season, (especially if subject to having cold hands)
  • 1 – Rain Shell or Pack Jacket
  • 1 – Insulated jersey, jacket, or soft shell
  • 1 – Trail Pack with Hydration System

Any additional protective gear, chest-protectors, elbow guards, or other body armor

Notes:  To save airline baggage weight IE will bring trail tools, provide trail food and most pack essentials.  If there are specialty items or snacks you require please bring yourself or communicate to IE to see if we can provide them for you.

IE has special pricing for most required gear and a limited amount of high quality gear for rent if you really want to travel light.  Please contact for availability.

With enough heads up IE can source about anything you require for your Enduro Adventure.