AXP Xtreme Skid Plate - Blue (2-Stroke)

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AXP Reference: AX1434

Sherco Part #: 8029

The Xtrem skid plate offers complete protection for your chassis. Designed for extreme races such as the Erzberg Rodeo or the Red Bull Romaniacs, the AXP skid plate is designed for:

2014 - 2022 Sherco 250SE RACING / 300SE RACING / 250SE FACTORY / 300SE FACTORY / 250SC FACTORY / 300SC FACTORY.

It will protect your frame and housings up to the foot caps while including a connecting rod protection. Side technical characteristics, its weight is 1.3Kg. HDPE plastic is 40% lighter than aluminum, does not generate vibrations and does not undergo deformation. It significantly reduces the resonance effect during impacts on protection. Engine protection is a consumable item, wear is therefore normal, only premature breakage of the product can be taken as warranty.