G2 Starter Button (SR-26-071-072)

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Plug-N-Play switches to convert to a quality Domino Throttle! The exact set-up used by Factort Sherco USA!


Developed for the Factory Sherco Enduro Team! The stock throttle with intergrated MAP switch and start button has a stiff pull, is more vulnerable in a crash, and many riders complain that they “bump” the MAP switch while riding. This kit allows a simple relocatiop for both! Both have wiring cut to the correct length with “plug-N-play” stock style connecters! You can choose the best locations for your riding style!

FACTORY TIP: The factory team mounts the MAP switch out of the way between the handlebar clamps, since they never change it during a race.

Product Highlights

  • Allows the replacement of the stock Sherco housing with integrated switches.
  • High quality Domino MAP switch and start button made in Italy.
  • Both are fitted with Sherco compatible connectors – no wire splicing – 100% plug & play!
  • Same set-up as used by 2020 National Enduro Champ Grant Baylor and all around badd-ass Nick Fahringer!