S3 Hard Enduro Boot Soles

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In S3-PARTS, we give the importance they deserve to the soles of your boot! We all choose our tire well according to the terrain, driving style and tastes, because we do not do the same with the soles?


  • Maximum grip
  • More durability
  • Better traction on top of your bike
  • More stability and confidence
  • You can push your bike harder
  • Avoid slipping falls


Enduro sole (with heel):

Designed for MX/ Enduro/ HardEnduro.

Made with a soft but durable compound, top quality and technology Aquagrip‍.

Its design gives you more grip than the original soles and the heel provides a better fixation on the footrests.


Trial sole - Hardenduro (Without heel):

Sole developed by HardEnduro and Trial riders.

Specific design to provide maximum grip in any terrain and situation. It will allow you to put more force on the footrests to improve traction.

¡Ideal for Hard Enduro, they will give you maximum confidence that your feet do not slip when you need them most, and allow you to push hard on impossible climbs!

With Aquagrip technology®


Choice between two different compounds:

  • Soft- Maximum grip for very slippery terrain, wet stone, rain, mud and extreme conditions.
  • Medium- For drier terrain and normal conditions.