IE Epic Snowbike Rentals

Come and experience the EPIC snow conditions of the Rocky Mountains. Stokd Times has a fleet of 2021 Sherco 450 Timbersleds ready to ride the POW around the Bozeman/Big Sky peaks.

Don’t be put off by the awesomeness – snowbikes are perfect for beginner & intermediate dirt bike riders. Book a two-day rental: Day 1 to get the hang of it, and go off the hook on Day 2!

Questions? Call us (406) 318-5387

IE Rocky Mountain Original Adventures

Inside Enduro and Stokd Times Custom Builds each adventure to perfectly suit each group for skill, fitness, and anticipated level of STOKE Factor.

Full-On exclusive Enduro Rides to combination trips not limited to just Premium Enduro Bikes, Pro Hard Enduro Training, Ripping E-MTB’s, Rad SXS’s, or possible invitation to join Inside Enduro’s “Signature Black Label Club”.